Ever Green Team, also known as "Ever Green" is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization

Incorporated in VA SCC on November 26, 2012. 

EIN #: 46-3225587

Board of Directors:  

Edward Earl Epperson - "Root" as he is affectionately called, is the President of Ever Green.  Root attended Ferrum College, is a lifelong avid hunter, and learned valuable land management skills from his father "Epp".  

Dr. Clay Hall - "Dr. Hall" is a beloved family medical practitioner who is well known around the State.  Dr. Hall excelled in basketball in his youth and when he was not scoring on the court, he was exploring the great outdoors and helping his family on their farm outside of Kenbridge Va.  

Jeff Jones - Jeff is a professional biologist who has held important natural resource positions with the military, Virginia Tech, and the federal government.  Jeff attended the University of Maryland and enjoys camping, boating, and fishing with his family. 

Joe Daigneau - "Joey D" owns an environmental company that specializes in recreational access, GIS, and natural resources.  Joe attended Virginia Tech where he attained his Wildlife & Forestry degree and Penn State for his MS in Geographical Information systems.  Joe has a passion for hunting, fishing and surfing.

Michael Pugh - Mike is a financial consultant who brings both a love for the outdoors along with financial expertise.  He grew up playing football and golf, and although a busy professional he always finds time to hunt and attend his kids' ballgames.  

Tom Inge - Tom attended VMI and Virginia Tech where he attained degrees in Environmental Engineering.  He served in the Army and has worked for environmental consulting companies, the military, and the Ward Burton Wildlife Foundation. His passion for the outdoors came through hunting and his fishing with his father, which he is passing on to his four kids. 


Jeff Gardner - Jeff is a graduate from Virginia Tech in the Forestry & Wildlife field and has extensive experience as a forester.  He is currently the US Navy's subject matter expert for natural resources issues and forestry and agriculture programs.  When Jeff is not managing public land he is on the water fishing, hunting or working on his farm.

Our goal:

"To promote conservation by educating landowners, holding conservation easements, and conducting environmental projects.

Our Vision:

Our nation is losing many farms and open spaces to increases in population and sprawl at an alarming rate.  Put simply, many regions are losing their rural culture fast.  The Ever Green Team believes that conservation easements are the best land protection tool available to landowners to permanently protect their land while still retaining ownership.  Conservation easements are not for everyone, but in many cases they are a win-win situation for the landowner and the community.  They help the landowner leave a legacy of good stewardship to his/her family and to the community, and also landowners may realize a significant financial compensation for their easement.     

Future of Ever Green:
We will continue to “Hold” conservation easements and be a champion in the conservation field.  Ever Green Team practices Cooperative Conservation by teaming with a multitude of partners to include communities, companies, and other environmental non-profit organizations.  We will continue to ramp up our conservation education program and promote easements among landowners.
We hope to have a network of volunteers and expect to have part-time or full-time staff to help accomplish our mission in the near future.

What Ever Green Team needs to succeed:
The Board members are volunteers but very committed to protecting the great outdoors.  We have the passion but we are always looking to diversify our fundraising so that we can continue with our important mission.  That diversification should include fundraising events, individual donations, company sponsorships, and grant applications.  If you share our vision of beautiful rural landscapes and want to grow with us, please contact us, we would love to hear from you and/or partner with you! 

Ever green TEAM 

 Environmental conservation